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With over 30 years experience, MMSOLUTIONS has expertise in the field of installation, testing and maintenance of machinery, especially designed for the production of pressure vessels.   We offer our professionalism, knowledge and skill to meet your every need.   Whether your desire is to upgrade equipment or maintenance is required on your fleet, MMSOLUTIONS achieves solutions!

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                                   S.E. 2:1 5500x14 SuperDuplex

Water/Glycol emulsion Hydraulic Unit for Hot Forming

Dishing Heads starting with hot blanks dramatically reduces forming time and thinning with consequent material hardening.

In order to reduce fire risks during the process, a special hydraulic unit running with water/glycol emulsion is suggested for safer operations.

Special fluids with reduce health risk are recommended instead of Phosphate-Ester based fluids: the same are also approved for use with high pressure piston pumps by major brands.

Heat Protections

Stainless Steel shields are recommended to protect manipulator' vital parts as Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Unit